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As game developers, ZNT Productions understands the difficulties and challenges that come with game development, especially in the Brazilian context. For this reason, we want to lend our hand to support those who need help the most.

Introducing “ZNT Indie Talents,” a support program for game developers seeking to turn their dream of launching a game into reality. ZNT Productions will support the development of your game by offering various benefits, such as creating a game page on Steam and our website, obtaining and creating visual and audio assets, localization into other languages, marketing, testing and feedback, contact with content creators/journalists, participation in events, and many other benefits!

Our main goal is to encourage creativity and innovation in the indie game market by providing the necessary resources and support so that promising ideas can be developed and successfully launched. We believe that by supporting new talents we are contributing to a more diverse and dynamic gaming market.

The ZNT Indie Talents program is a support initiative with no paid registration or fees; all you need is an out-of-the-box idea and a tremendous desire to make your dream come true and you already have a great chance to join! Do you have a game already in development or just starting out? Contact us via email and let’s get to know each other =).

From players to developers.

Running a program of this level requires many resources, which is why we are launching a campaign on Apoia-se. Anyone who enjoys the experiences we bring and wants to see more can support the development of many more! The campaign is a monthly subscription where each month supporters will receive exclusive content such as early access to some content, behind-the-scenes of games, game keys, and much more. All the money raised goes directly to support the program and the developers. Click here to learn more about the campaign, rewards, and prices.

Check out our initial list of games that are part of ZNT Indie Talents: