In an unexpected adventure, Coralina found herself thrown into a ludic and confusing world after a mysterious event. This is the second chapter of the oneiric plot of the girl who was taken to Limbo, previously accompanied by a crow with a top hat who claimed to be a spirit of Death. Now, Coralina finds herself next to an even more curious figure, a woman with purple hair who goes by “Cometa”, and carries with her the burden of being an alchemist. Together, they will explore the lands of Purgatory, Limbo and also Hell itself, in a new journey with a single objective: to defeat Flamel, the creator of this fantastic world. Amidst the chaos of the unknown, Coralina and Cometa will find each other, better understanding their own internal issues and learning to live in this fantasy setting as they try to return home.

This game is currently in development, but you can already catch a glimpse of it with our free demo! Don’t forget to put the game in your steam wishlist to be notified when the game releases!

Part of the ZNT Indie Talents program, created by Gabriel Maki and published by ZNT Productions.


  • Development Engine

    RPG Maker MV

  • Platforms


  • Language

    Brazilian Portuguese, English, Japanese

  • Original Soundtrack

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