You will control Cora, a Cinema student that finds herself in a traumatizing event out of nowhere, taking her to what’s known as the “limbo”, or land of oblivion. In this land, you’ll be accompanied by a crow, who claims to be a god of death, and you will help him to solve the mystery of why you are on limbo and why other deaths occurred, in a investigation through time and space, in labyrinths that connect oblivion to human emotions. This is a RETRO RPG with an amazing mix of original soundtracks and many different art styles. Explore new paths through this harmony of ideas.

Part of the ZNT Indie Talents program, created by Gabriel Maki and published by ZNT Productions.


  • Development Engine

    RPG Maker MV

  • Platforms


  • Language

    Brazilian Portuguese, English, Japanese (soon)

  • Original Soundtrack


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