Have you ever wondered what happens after death?


Mio is a young girl surrounded by death, and after an unexpected accident, she finds out where people go after they die. Unravel the secrets of the afterlife!

This is a story driven fantasy game featuring:

▶ A walk n’ talk adventure in a new world, the Underworld ( and you don’t even have to really die! )

▶ Demons, spirits, and entities. Talk, befriend, and let yourself be pathetically fooled by them, I don’t care.

▶ Collect Items, Complete missions and help your district! ( or not ), I know

▶ Discover many endings ( most of them are bad )

▶ Make shady deals with even shadier demons, I know you’re desperate like that.

Part of the ZNT Indie Talents program, created by Usagygy and published by ZNT Productions.


  • Development Engine

    RPG Maker MV

  • Platforms


  • Language

    Brazilian Portuguese, English

  • Original Soundtrack


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